126th Annual AMSUS Meeting

Force Health Protection: From Battlefront to Homefront

28 November – 1 December 2017

Gaylord, National Harbor, Maryland 

Washington, DC Metropolitan Region

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28 November – 1 December           AMSUS 2017 Meeting (Pre-Conference sessions will be held Monday 27 November)

Meeting Theme:

The theme of the 126th AMSUS Annual Continuing Education Meeting is “From Battlefront to Homefront” in recognition of the wide range of skills and specialties which must work synchronously to care for those who go in harm’s way, as well as for their families.

CJCS Henry Shelton once said, “Battlefield medicine neither starts nor stops at the edge of the battlefield.”

Medical response at the point of injury differs greatly from the skills for timely transport; definitive treatment; and rehabilitation services.  All must be equally applied to provide the spectrum of care required to return the sick and injured to their “new normal.”

AMSUS 2017 will have a keen focus on readiness, as speakers discuss forward response, as well as the spectrum of multidisciplinary, joint medical care and rehabilitation leading to the healing of the whole family – our new normal.

This, the 126th Annual AMSUS  Meeting, will provide a platform of special interest for DoD, VA, USPHS, International Military Medical officers, and all healthcare professionals – public or private sector – to develop strong professional relationship networks by sharing knowledge of cutting edge medical research, innovative medical advances, and superior practices in patient care.

‘Battlefront’ Care:

  • Combat support
  • Humanitarian Missions
  • Disaster response
  • Global Health Operations
  • Patient movement

‘Homefront’ Care:

  • Definitive treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Recovery
  • Return to a new normal for both patient and family

Each focus area will be further defined within concurrent CE tracks:

  • Traumatic injuries
  • Psychological Status/PTSD/TBI
  • Disease and Population Health
  • Preparedness & Operational Issues

Educational Learning Objectives:

  1. Share knowledge and implement current and planned best practices, as well as alternative care methods for local, regional, and international medical conditions
  2. Discuss and implement evidence-based research, data, and practices to improve the health of populations
  3. Explore and interpret inter-professional perspectives from all medical disciplines for the highest quality medical response and care through multidisciplinary, joint operations.




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